About Tablecloths

Using the right tablecloth can make your table decor really pop. It should blend in with the style of the occasion and with the color scheme as well. Tablecloths come in enough of a variety of fabrics so that there will be some for every taste, need and budget. A tablecloth does not have to be made of the most expensive material in order to be top quality.

Formal style polyester tablecloth
Tablecloths can be formal such as those made from cotton, acrylic fabrics, linen, silk or lace. Or they can be casual like those made from vinyl or plastic. Some fabrics, such as polyester, can be used as either formal or casual because they come imprinted with different patterns. For instance, for a more formal look, choose one printed with a delicate rose pattern and for a casual look, there are patterns done in bold colors.

Linen and cotton tablecloths come in a variety or colors and also plain or with an embossed design. They need to be either dry cleaned or washed on the linen or cotton cycle and dried on the gentle cycle. They should also be lightly pressed. Acrylic and polyester tablecloths can be washed also, but should not need ironing. Lace tablecloths should be washed by hand or in the gentle cycle and hung up to dry. Plastic and vinyl tablecloths usually just need to be wiped clean. Some plastic tablecloths are one use only and can be disposed of.

Tablecloths can be used alone or in combination with a second tablecloth, table runners or place mats to create a special appearance. For instance, put on a white tablecloth as you normally would. Take another one in a contrasting color--red, blue, gold or whatever color scheme you are using--and lay it on at a diagonal, with the four corners falling in the middle of the four sides. Vinyl tablecloths often come with a flannel backing, making them slip resistant and a good choice for outdoor dining. Plastic can be thick enough to use alone, but there are some that are thin and should be used over a fabric cloth. They are good to use on top of your more expensive cloth to prevent it from becoming stained.

It is a good idea to have tablecloths in different sizes if your table is adjustable. A tablecloth that fits a table when it is closed or does not have the extra leaves in, will not fit when it is fully opened. These are the sizes that are available. Round tablecloths come in 36-, 45-, 72-, 90-, 108- and 126-inch sizes. Square tablecloths come in 36-, 45-, 54- and 108-inch sizes and oblong comes in 54 x72 , 72 x 90 , 72 x 108, 72 x126, 72 x144 , 72 x162 , 72 x180 and 72 X216 inches.

You need to measure your table carefully to know what size or sizes you should purchase. It is not hard to do and you really should consider doing it. First measure the width of the table and then add on about 16 inches, enough for an 8-inch overhang on each side. Do the same for the length and your new tablecloth should fit perfectly.

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